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Announcing Confab: The Content Strategy Conference

by Kristina Halvorson on October 28th, 2010

You’re invited to join us May 9-10, 2011 in Minneapolis, Minnesota for two full days of content strategy ideas, insights, and inspiration.

We have a name. We have a logo. We have a roster full of extraordinary speakers.

We are very, very excited. And—if we’re to believe the emails, phone calls, and tweets we’re constantly getting—so are you.

After hundreds of conversations with professionals all over the world about content strategy—what it is, why it matters, what it can do for our companies and careers—the folks at Brain Traffic decided it was time to get all of you under one roof.

Here’s the thing: you’re a diverse crowd. You come from a variety of backgrounds. You come at content a hundred different ways. You have divergent perspectives. You have insights that other people need to hear.

Marketing. User experience. Social media. Technical communications. Content management. Editing and writing. Media planning. If you work in content, your time has come. Content strategy is hot, and it’s only getting hotter.

What’s great is that content strategy gives us the opportunity—the responsibility, even—to get to know our fellow content professionals, no matter what their role within our organizations. We need to work together if we’re going to help our companies and clients realize that content is a business asset worthy of strategic planning and consideration.

We also need to throw a few parties for ourselves. As one recent Content Strategy Meetup attendant said, “I’ve never met so many cool people in one place at once.” Multiply that times a few hundred, and you’ve got Confab.

If you design, plan, create, publish, or care for content, then this is your conference. Whether you’re a content strategy convert or curious about where to start, there are plenty of sessions you won’t want to miss. You’ll walk away from Confab full of ideas and opportunities for both your company and your career.

Oh, we’re so glad you asked.

We’ve gathered a diverse crowd of the brightest minds we know in the world of content professionals. Some names you’ll recognize. Some you won’t. But every single speaker is on our “A-List” of people you want to hear from. Here are just a few of our 32 confirmed speakers…

  • Scott Abel, Content Wrangler
  • Margot Bloomstein, Appropriate, Inc.
  • Sarah Cancilla, Facebook
  • Blake Eskin, The New Yorker
  • Ann Handley, author, Content Rules/CCO, MarketingProfs
  • Erin Kissane, author, The Elements of Content Strategy
  • Valeria Maltoni, Conversation Agent
  • Karen McGrane, bond art + science
  • Joe Pulizzi, author, Get Content, Get Customers/CEO, Junta 42
  • Ginny Redish, author, Letting Go of the Words
  • Ann Rockley, author, Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy

The Confab 2011 website—and early-bird registration!—will launch the week of November 15. Details on pricing and sponsorship packages will be announced at that time.

For now, you can…

Stay tuned. More content strategy goodness is yet to come!

  • http://kendallcopywriting.co.uk Leif

    When are you coming to the UK? ;)

  • Kate

    I’ll second that.

  • http://twitter.com/halvorson Kristina Halvorson

    Well, Brain Traffic doesn’t have immediate plans for a conference in the UK. But! There will be not one but TWO CS conferences in the UK in ’11. I’m lucky to be speaking at both, ’cause they’re both going to be terrific.


  • http://prosekiln.com/ Melanie S.

    Heck yes!

  • Jmath

    Fighting the urge to ignore this because I wasn’t chosen as a speaker.

  • http://twitter.com/halvorson Kristina Halvorson

    OMG! Where is your profile and your photo? Reveal yourself, oh bitter one.

  • http://www.serengeticommunications.com/ bethharte

    Hi Kristina, I am really interested in this event.

    One thing that would be really helpful (and valuable!) to me–and perhaps other marketers too–is not just the “why” of a content strategy, but the “how” of the actual writing. A lot of us get the “why” but we are also responsible for the actual writing and we aren’t always professional writers.

    Having actual content writing workshops (and creativity/idea generation workshops…am I pushing it?! Heh.) where we can write and get on-the-spot feedback from pros (and I don’t mean ‘social media’ or ‘content’ pros, I mean writing professionals) would be really, really helpful. Any thoughts regarding having workshops?

    Thanks a bunch!

    Beth Harte

  • http://writetobuild.com Vernacular Ninja

    Fantastic, and completely agree with Beth’s comment on the need for further definition and sharing on the matter of “how” to produce compelling content.

    Placing this firmly on my radar. Thanks for keeping content conversations honest and moving forward!

  • Jo Marsicano

    Really looking forward to this! Is Jeffrey Zeldman speaking? I like his Big Web Show. Also cannot wait to hear Ginny Redish and Karen McGrane. Do you have security planned for these folks? They’re such content rock stars, people will be mobbing them for autographs.

  • John Ryan

    Hi Kristina,
    Hope I can cross the Pacific (and then some!) to get to this. So few CS opportunities in Australia; so much need.
    Saw Karen M speak in Melbourne a little while back. Great stuff!

  • http://twitter.com/halvorson Kristina Halvorson

    Beth, we’re announcing a terrific writing workshop taught by two of the industry’s top pros…stay tuned!

  • http://thenewcareersblog.com career ideas

    when the next session of conference and where?

  • David Lee

    Beth, one of the speakers, Ann Handley, has co-authored a recently published book titled Content Rules which is a great book about the how.

  • Mcalisa10

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  • Certificationkey

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  • http://twitter.com/WaterlooW Waterloo Structures

    During college times, I really hate attending conferences but now, I know the importance. This conference will surely be of great benefit to me as I am on coming up with a great content and still cooping up with content  management. Too bad this event was last year. Is there any upcoming event this year?

  • Stevw212

    Can anyone tell me if this still goes on for 2012 or was it just for 2011.
    Thanks whoever answers,

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