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Shared Values: Football and Content Strategy

by Julie Vollenweider on October 20th, 2011

It’s football season. Beer. Cheese. Cheers. Friendly taunting. Ridiculous head apparel.

Oh. That’s not football season for you? Let me explain with this picture of my desk:

Go green and gold!

Rather than launch into an explanation about why being from Wisconsin requires a love for football of the Lambeau variety, I’d simply like to acknowledge that it’s difficult for me to understand why everyone doesn’t emulate (and love) the Packers.

HEAR ME OUT. I have legitimate reasons. I recently happened upon this list of Packer Values, and couldn’t help but notice the similarities between my favorite football team and my place of employment.

I have no illusions that these values are shared exclusively between the Packers of Green Bay and Brain Traffic of Minneapolis, but here’s how they match up for us …

Packer Value: Teamwork—trust, work ethic, communication

Life at Brain Traffic: We’re constantly working to refine and improve the ways in which we collaborate. We make adjustments to how we staff projects. We brainstorm in small groups. We facilitate workshops with our clients and work hard to ensure everyone is aligned. And recently, we all took a cooking class, split into small teams, and collectively prepared an amazing lunch.

Packer Value: Excellence—competitive, professionalism, preparedness, superior service, focus

Life at Brain Traffic: While we might not have 13 world championships under our belt (yet), we strive to ingrain excellence in all that we do. We foster a healthy competition with one another by sharing new ideas and holding each person accountable. Our team includes renowned authors, sought-after speakers, and some of the leading content strategy practitioners in the country. We are passionate about getting rave reviews from our clients.

Packer Value: Unique small-town identity—tradition, community

Life at Brain Traffic: Minneapolis isn’t a small town (the Metrodome is home to the Minnesota Vikings), but Brain Traffic, as an organization, has some similarities to the small-town vibe. Despite being one of the largest collectives of content strategists, we are a firm of 20. Our size enables us to stay ultra-focused on what we do best, and it requires us to be nimble and smart in our work. We’re a close-knit community of consultants who believe in and live by the values in this post.

Packer Value: Integrity—honesty, sincerity, confidentiality, loyalty

Life at Brain Traffic: From project intake to completion, we strive for straight talk. We do one thing exceptionally well and we won’t pretend otherwise. If we’re not the right fit for a prospective client, we do our best to identify this as soon as possible, and refer a better-matched resource when we can.

Packer Value: Mutual respect

Life at Brain Traffic: In our work with clients, we are polite and patient, and we promise reality-based recommendations. Our internal team doesn’t include a “B team,” and we respect that all staffers are always on their A+ game. We love to discuss and share ideas with our peer community, too.

Packer Value: Commitment

Life at Brain Traffic: We believe in getting measurable and meaningful results from and through content strategy. We advocate for and try to advance the discipline of content strategy. And we are dedicated to contributing to and learning from the content strategy community’s collective knowledge base.

Packer Value: Fun!

Life at Brain Traffic: The Packers have the Lambeau Leap. We have cake, hilarious people, and wacky adventures.

So there you have it. Whether you’re settling in with a big pile of nachos on Sunday afternoon or tackling an enormous content audit, let the Packer Values be your guide. That means you, too, Vikings fans.

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