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In Which We Go on Hiatus for a Spell

by Kristina Halvorson on November 26th, 2012

You may have noticed that our beloved blog hasn’t been particularly active lately. It’s no secret that we’re super busy working with our terrific clients, and as a result, our resources are a bit limited at the moment.

So, the Brain Traffic blog is going to take a little break.

But wait!

Fear not. We wouldn’t leave you hanging! Although we’re on hiatus here, we’re ramping up the posts on Confabevents.com. You’ll enjoy posts from some of the most exciting voices in content strategy, both new folks and established leaders. In fact, this week kicks off our first guest post, from none other than Sally Bagshaw:

How to Future-Proof Our Authors

Searching for new contractors: strategists, IAs, project managers, and writers

Back to the busy part. We’re getting a whole lot of calls these days from companies who tell us, “This time, we want to do this right: we want to start our project with content strategy.” (To which we often reply, “WOO-HOO!”)

So we need some help! If you’re a content lover working for yourself, and if you have experience working on large-scale content strategy engagements, we’d love to hear from you.

Apply to be a Brain Traffic contractor

Keep in touch

The blog may be on hiatus for now, but we aren’t disappearing. You can always follow us on Twitter at @braintraffic and @confabevents to watch for articles, photos of cheetahs, and other content shenanigans.

Finally: if you’re thinking about starting up a new content strategy initiative within your company, please contact us today. We’d love to learn more.

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